About us

MOST Association is a dynamic non-profit organization based in Katowice, operating for years for the benefit of the local and regional community. Our mission is based on building bridges of understanding, social integration, and supporting individuals in difficult life situations. We believe in the power of solidarity and cooperation, which are the foundation of our activities. From the very beginning of our operations, we have focused on a diversity of actions and initiatives that have a real impact on the lives of our region’s residents. Our projects encompass a wide range of activities, starting from education and vocational training through social activation to support seniors, children, and youth. We organize workshops, training sessions, integration meetings, cultural, sports, and recreational events that foster social integration and develop the passions and interests of our beneficiaries. We take pride in our achievements, which have inspired us to continue our work for years.

We support the local community and non-governmental organizations by implementing various projects, including the „Non-Governmental Organizations Center,” „Social Integration Center,” „Youth Activity Center,” and „Seniors! We Act!” These projects focus on different age groups and their needs. Thanks to the involvement of our members, volunteers, and local partners, we can effectively respond to the changing needs of the community. Our projects not only bring individual benefits but also contribute to building a stronger and more integrated society. In our work, we are guided by the principles of honesty, commitment, and respect for every person. We aim to be a place where everyone can find support, understanding, and opportunities for development, regardless of age, origin, or life situation. MOST Association is not just an organization but, above all, a community of people who strive together to build a better future for all.

Summary of activities in 2023

The main areas of activity of the MOST Association in 2023 were: support in the field of social and professional activation, especially for people with disabilities, and support in the area of animating local communities and supporting non-governmental organizations.

In 2023, the projects implemented by the MOST Association provided support to over 4,000 people.

The most important activities of the Association included providing substantive support:

  • Operation of facilities including the Social Integration Center in Zabrze, the Katowice Center for Non-Governmental Organizations, the Spilno-Hub Center Katowice, the Local Initiatives Club in Mysłowice, the Local Center for Integration and Social Services in Gliwice,
  • Support for nearly 250 non-governmental organizations,
  • Support for over 350 people with disabilities,
  • Organization of internships for 47 people,
  • In the Social Integration Centers operated by MOST, over 100 people found social employment,
  • Helped 95 people in the most difficult situations find employment,

As part of its activities in 2023, the MOST Association:

  • Conducted 62 days of activities for NGOs and social activists (trainings, workshops, and seminars),
  • Organized vocational trainings for 156 people and Polish language courses for another 70 people,
  • Financially supported the implementation of 14 initiatives submitted by NGOs and informal groups,
  • Organized more than 18 outdoor events,
  • Provided 4353 hours of advisory services, including 1125 hours of advice for non-governmental organizations and local leaders
  • Supported non-governmental organizations infrastructurally, e.g., by providing rooms for various activities over 2000 times, lending a registered address for over 120 NGOs,
  • Additionally, conducted over 857 various workshops and animation meetings for the communities we work in.

Support was offered within the framework of 15 projects co-financed both from local government funds (City of Katowice), government funds (PFRON, NIW, Active Plus), private foundations (PAFW), cooperation with UNICEF and UNHCR, and primarily European funds (RPO WSL, POWER). The projects were implemented in cooperation with 13 partners.

Our statute

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